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The Thing about Memetics. :iconparenthesisgrey:parenthesisgrey 87 18
Mature content
Overwatch: Reaper x M!Reader x Soldier 76 :iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 29 14
Crossplay Makeup Tutorial :iconnapallama:napallama 3,425 280 Cosplay Tutorial: Binding I :iconabessinier:Abessinier 3,195 285 Speedpaint Sai Valentine yandere simulator :iconeisjon:eisjon 423 32 Gaster Valentine's Day Card :iconrainbowthefox:rainbowthefox 496 81 Link Bae :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 4,782 187 Wooper :icondragonith:Dragonith 973 61 White Crow :iconblavatskaya:Blavatskaya 479 32 N A R U T O . r o a d . t o . n i n j a . VIII :iconusura-tonkachi:usura-tonkachi 459 67 Diabolik Lovers - Character sheet :iconkriminaal:Kriminaal 104 41 Simple Effects/Attacks on Paint Tool SAI :iconnyapapa:Nyapapa 1,749 43 Bleeding meme_blank :iconsino326:SINO326 994 85 Azarel Oderhse Bleeding Meme :icondarkdeathqueen:Darkdeathqueen 20 0
Male!reader X Kyoya
Running your fingers through your hair you let out a light-hearted sigh. Every girl around you giggled and blushed a violent red; they all seemed too nervous or helplessly in love with you to speak. All of them were pretty and good company but you heart didn’t belong to anyone there and what frustrated you even more was the fact you weren’t entirely sure who it really did belong to.
“I-I-is t-there s-s-something w-wrong (y-yourn-name)?” The nearest guest to you asked.
You glanced at her with your beautiful (eyecolour) eyes causing her face to go even redder; you felt that if she got any redder she might explode. Slipping your hands around the side of her face you pulled her head gently to be inline with yours. Gazing into her large brown eyes and whispered flawlessly “When in the company of an amazingly perfect girl like you all of my troubles disappear.”
You let go of her face before she sunk backwards and huddled with the other giggling girls. At t
:iconwaysest:waysest 406 291
Kyoya x Male!Reader | One Shot
Anime/Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Title: Selfish

Kyoya Ootori x Male!Reader

Warnings: None.
An alarm was not a welcoming sound, as Kyoya had mentally noted down as he was forcefully dragged from a dimension of sweet dreams. He heard shuffling beside him, and a pressure was removed from his chest as that infernal beeping continued its dreadful tune. Cracking open his eyes with a somewhat pained expression, he glared at the man whom was sat on the edge of the bed, tiredly reaching for his phone so that he could turn off that alarm. 
"You get back in this bed, right this instant." 
Kyoya was not a morning person. Everybody knew that. [Male Name] knew it most of all, as he had to be around Kyoya every single morning. As he spoke to his boyfriend in a harsh, commanding tone, he only seemed to receive a tired laugh in response. 
"I can't. I have work, dumbass." 
Whilst he was annoyed tha
:iconmuffledscreaming:MuffledScreaming 476 33



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
-Finnish [Native]
-English [Good, not perfect]
-Tagalog [Random words, mother's language]
-French [Bad, good enough to understand]
-Swedish [Beginner]


Aiden Zielski
Just a quick character ref for one of my old comics which I'm going to recreate
[PHU] Hollow
Name: Zack (Mouhu) Devlin 
5'7" or 170cm
1st year 

- Stubborn
- Impatient
- Kind (friends, kids)
- Happy-Go-Lucky (when not on missions)
- Blunt
- Lazy
- Oblivious
- Determined
- Drawing
- Guns
- Napping
- Music (Alternative rock)
- Horror movies
- Stuffed toys
- His real hair color (Black)
- Missions
- Cleaning
- His friends getting hurt
- Vegetables
- When he cares too much 
Roleplay Example: 
Zack sighed in relief as he arrived to his dorm. As he dragged himself to his bed, he threw his bag into a corner full of used clothes. "I'm back... Ugh why did I ever leave, it's so sooft!" he mumbled to the air grabbing a plushie of himself. Zack was finally able to listen to his music in peace. 
Basic History: 
Zack had a normal childhood with a few bullies (because of his 'feminine' looks). As he went to high school his grades dropped dramatically and the bullies had ended up in the same high school, while continuing to bully him. After about a year of studying, failing multiple classes and the continued bullying he lost his cool and decided in his rage to beat up his bullies. He ended up getting expelled by the school and thrown out by his parents who were done with his attitude. Soon after a few months he had met a proxy on the streets during a winter night without knowing suddenly getting thrown into a world of murderers, proxies and so on.
Year classes: 
History of Myths
Dealing with the Paranormal year 1
Basic medicine 
Basic Diplomacy
Weaponry and Hand to Hand combat year 1
Gun Fighting
Ancient Languages 
Guns and a Scythe 
Seeing souls (barely)
Loses his cool easily
- Afraid of being in the dark by himself 
Information Your Name and Pronouns; 
Male pronouns please!Heart  
Anything we should know about you? 
Nah, not that I remember. Feel free to ask though!

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