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Poses of Arms n Legs by wangqr Poses of Arms n Legs :iconwangqr:wangqr 1,749 39 Battle Poses- Ass Kicking by ElementJax Battle Poses- Ass Kicking :iconelementjax:ElementJax 6,969 182 Couple poses by 0ffin Couple poses :icon0ffin:0ffin 3,412 163
Ti Amo Troppo (Nico Di Angelo X Male!Reader)
  You groaned a little, rubbing your forehead as you stood up as Charon decided to circle back around to see you. “Money?”
  “I swear to the gods Charon, I told you. I'm not going unless you transport all these souls too.” You flipped up your sleep mask, which had tiny skeleton tassels, and looked the god of ferries or something in his dead eyes. “Now if you'll excuse me I'm trying to die. Again.”
  Charon sighed and moved away. You were one of the most infuriating spirits he had ever come across, refusing to get on the ferry even though you had more than enough money, until he promised to bring everyone across. Well, he sure wasn't doing that.
  Hades had called for you specially a few days ago, but you had ignored the summons, saying you'd rot in peace while Charon robbed the people. Thus was Charon’s predicament. He really liked listening to the despairing moans of the dead without money, but you were probabl
:iconangeldemon678:AngelDemon678 49 4
Bendy and the Ink Machine - Toon Logic
 “Come on, Henry, you can do it!” Boris and Alice called from the other side of the room, cheering on theircreator.
Said creator closed his eyes and took a deep breath. They had told him that this should be easy, and he should have no trouble with it. Of course they would say that; they’d been created as toons, this would be as easy as breathing for them.
Breathing out slowly, Henry reached round the back of himself and grasped at… nothing. He flexed his hand a little and moved it around slightly, fishing for anything to be there. But, just like the last dozen times he’d tried, there was nothing there.
“I can’t do it,” Henry shook his head and retracted his arm from behind his back. He shrugged at his two creations before huffing in defeat. “I can’t find anything. I guess I just don’t have my own Hammerspace since I’m not a real toon.”
The toons looked at each other with thoughtful looks on their faces,
:iconlnicol1990:LNicol1990 125 27
Mine (Human!Freddy x Reader)
Mike sat in the office, laughing his ass off. You were standing in front of the stage during yours and Mike's night shift, staring straight at Freddy. Bonnie and Chica sat on the edge of the stage, watching you both and munching on popcorn as you and Freddy stared each other dead in the eye. A tense atmosphere filled the air, only breaking when Mike came into the dining area, laughing.
"(Y-Y/n)! (Y-Y/n), what are you doing?!" he laughed, holding his stomach. You didn't look away from Freddy as you crossed your arms.
"This little bastard here was giving me weird looks when i walked in earlier!" you snapped.
"Hey!" Freddy yelled, his robotic voice cracking. Your lips curved into a smirk and you rest your hands on your hips.
"So it speaks." you mocked. Freddy's eyebrow twitched as you snickered. Mike laughed as did Bonnie and Chica.
"Shut up!" Freddy snapped. You jumped up onto the stage, startling the bear as he took a few steps back.
"And what if i don't?" you snarled, getting in his fa
:icontheanimatronicmutt:TheAnimatronicMutt 557 160
bonnie Ver.2017 by gatanii69 bonnie Ver.2017 :icongatanii69:gatanii69 996 32 My Psychotic Lover - Demon OC's by PolarisDrawings My Psychotic Lover - Demon OC's :iconpolarisdrawings:PolarisDrawings 30 4 Amon - [OC Demon] by Irenechii Amon - [OC Demon] :iconirenechii:Irenechii 11 6
Immortal? Impossible! (SPN/DW x Male Reader)
First Supernatural fic! And a cross-over with Doctor Who at that! Wish me luck!
~~~~~~~3rd Person P.O.V ~~~~~~~
Sam, Dean and (Y/N) were currently on a hunt.
They were hunting the malevolent spirit of a man named Jackson Scott. The man was a former teacher who taught at ‘Coals Hill High’ (before he died in a car crash) and was now killing students he didn’t like when he was alive and human. These students were unfortunately those who were a part of the LGBT+ community.(A/N: I am a part of, and support, the LGBT+ community, so please understand that I mean no offence) So far his spirit had killed a FTM transgender teen, a lesbian student and an asexual, gender-fluid teen.
The boys were a little stumped on how to lure out the ghost, since neither of them wanted to play gay and another hunter had tried that already and was now 6 feet under. Apparently the ghost could tell the difference. Thankfully an old friend of theirs by the name of (Y/N) (L/N) was in t
:iconcrazyanimeguy:CrazyAnimeGuy 108 48
Stark Lover (Loki x Male Reader) [Part 1]
This was a requestion from Xoalina over on Quotev.
The setting for this fic is like, before Age of Ultron.
Also Loki probably gonna be OOC. So sorry in advanced. Also I’m going with the excuse that he was being mind controlled during the events of the first Avengers Movie and is staying at the tower with Thor because they can watch over him better.

~~~~~~~3rd Person’s P.O.V~~~~~~~
It was a normal day at the Avengers. Well, as normal as it could get for them. They were the Avengers after all. Tony and Bruce were in the Lab where they were trying to conduct an experiment (ie Bruce was trying to conduct the experiment and Tony kept blowing it up). Steve was in the kitchen making lunch for everyone while Thor prepared some Pop-tarts. Natasha and Clint had returned from a mission early that morning and were lazing around on a couch in the living room watching Supernatural. Loki was also present in the living room. He was enjoying the episode, as it was about a Trickster p
:iconcrazyanimeguy:CrazyAnimeGuy 87 25
SQUID GIRL (Spyke X Reader)
Living in Inkopolis was very rarely boring. You had your charismatic shop-owners, tons of people to hang out with, and tons of fun in ink fights. Everyone wore fresh and cool clothes, their brightly colored “hair” shining in the sun. Music seemed to pump from the very walls themselves, and people were generally happy most of the time.
And yet you had a lingering sadness in you. The latest trend was seen all around you, and you couldn’t join in on the fun. The cute white dresses and hats flickered in and out of your vision, and all you could think was “I want it! I want it! I want it!”
SQUID GIRL outfits.
But they never were on the market, never for sale at stores. Yet every girl seemed to own one. Where did they get them? You wanted to ask one of the many wearing them, but you were too shy. You trudged through the Inkopolis Plaza, eyes on the ground, heading to the lobby with a short beanie on your head, a part-time pirate shirt on your body, and bl
:iconmrgamergirl:MrGamerGirl 34 37
Mature content
Severus Snape X Male!Reader- suppressant. :icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 76 12
The Thing about Memetics. by parenthesisgrey The Thing about Memetics. :iconparenthesisgrey:parenthesisgrey 99 18
Mature content
Overwatch: Reaper x M!Reader x Soldier 76 :iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 32 14
Crossplay Makeup Tutorial by napallama Crossplay Makeup Tutorial :iconnapallama:napallama 3,421 280




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-Finnish [Native]
-English [Good, not perfect]
-Tagalog [Random words, mother's language]
-French [Bad, good enough to understand]
-Swedish [Beginner]


Let it out
Sooo... seeing as it's pride month I had to participate. As my favorite color is green I chose nature. While drawing this I used real life experiences of coming out of the closet as inspiration, vines representing the fear holding people back, while the big rose represents the actual thing you are coming out with. For me the rose would be Pansexuality and Gendefluidity
Hyrule High - Aiden Zielski
Name*: Aiden Zielski
Nickname: Rainbow
Age*: 18
Height* 5'6" or 5'11" w/ heels 
Gender*: Feminine Male
Race*: Gerudo
Major*: Gym

Be as detailed as you can! Here are some prompts if you can't think of what to write.- 
He's a very lazy person when he has a chance, even if he does love gym. Usually loves to talk and make new friends. With friends he is very flamboyant and affectionate, hugging them if they allow him to. He luckily does respect rules like personal space, etc. Sometimes very rude if you insult his friends or hobbies. When stressed he reads books so he won't burst, or then talks to his best friend (RAIDEN!). If they don't help he just binge eats ice cream... then regrets it saying he won't eat ice cream (he's lying of course)
Being a part of the LGBT community he's always slightly insecure about himself, so the time he feels the best is around people who are a part of the community or just people he trusts.

Likes / Dislikes
Some vague likes and dislikes for you character
- He loves gym class since he gets to be active, while history is a close second. On the flip side he hates fishing, because he usually gets the hook caught onto someones clothes pulling them into the water.
- Having an addiction to reading he loves new books
- Teachers to him are just fine, but he does prefer Ganondorf, he makes lessons interresting
- Hates, and I mean hates when someone misgenders him
- Tries to avoid cold showers, but loves the cold otherwise
- Just give him prawn crackers and he'll be your friend... Yeah not addicted at all

Other information:
- Childhood best friends with Raiden, also similar name buddies
- Real hair is dirty blonde, loves dyeing his hair
- Trying to decide on a tattoo to get when he advances one year
- Coffee addict
Aiden Zielski
Just a quick character ref for one of my old comics which I'm going to recreate


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